Participants may be anyone from any organisation or association who believes they can handle a variety of genuine emergency situations by utilising current international emergency medical standards. Teams consisting of 2-4 people are allowed. Another person may wish to accompany the participant’s team (photographer, supervisor, etc.), but is not allowed to participate in the scenarios. Each team must be equipped with their own bikes, personal protective equipment and one emergency backpack per team. Special equipment (e.g. defibrillator, spineboard, scoop stretcher, etc.) is available at the stations.


The assignment to a category is not dependent on the qualification of the participants but is at their own discretion. The following description of the categories is intended to serve as a decision aid.

Standard - BLS+

The “Standard - BLS+” category is for groups that provide emergency care to patients in accordance with current guidelines and can use common medications. Basic care (patient evaluation/care) and the implementation of life-saving measures are the main foci of the assessment within the category. Any further measures (advanced drug administration, invasive measures) may be applied, although their impact on the evaluation will be limited.

Advanced – ALS

The “Advanced ALS” category is for groups that provide comprehensive care to emergency patients in accordance with current guidelines and can use a wide range of medicines. Basic care (patient assessment/care), the implementation of lifesaving measures, and further measures (extended drug administration, invasive measures like IV access, endotracheal intubation and other measures) are all included in this category.

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50 € per person (including meals and supporting program excluding accommodation)


Emergency doctors who register for the emergency doctor refresher pay an entry fee of 250€ for September 1st, 2023 + September 2nd, 2023.

Crediting option


If necessary, you need to arrange for a hotel yourself. A list of hotels in the town of Orth an der Donau can be found under the following link: orth.at


If someone is unable to find a bike, we can provide one, please mention it under "Sonstige Fragen" when registering! (Limited number of bikes)

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