The event of emergency medicine, games, sports and fun is back!
ride and rescue starts for the 11th time on Saturday, September 2nd, 2023 in Orth an der Donau

Registration begins on May 1st, 2023 at 8pm


The emergency service has continuously evolved over the last few years and now represents an innovative field within medicine. However, the significant progress made in recent years necessitates a massive training effort for everyone working in emergency medicine. The knowledge acquired for this purpose appears to be understandable in the classroom, and thus the application appears to be logical. However, situations are usually much more complex, as various factors influence the quality of patient care. Psychological stress, ambiguous scenarios, affected relatives and other factor distract the intervening forces, often causing them to struggle to provide adequate care to emergency patients. To close the gap between the classroom and reality, simulation training has become increasingly popular in recent years as an effective teaching tool for applying and training expertise in the most realistic conditions possible.


“ride and rescue” has been following this trend since 2011. More than 250 teams with over 1.000 participants have already been provided with training to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world situations through games, fun, and sports. The idea is straightforward: A Day of prehospital care duty will be simulated. A team participates in a series of realistic emergency scenarios. However, since such a situation consists not only treating emergency patients, but can also be physically demanding, this circumstance is simulated by using bicycles. An emergency bag is sufficient as equipment for a team. Participants can prepare the necessary equipment diy. Fun stations are built between the emergency stations, where various tasks must be handled in a playful manner. Teams are made up of a maximum of four people from various medical fields who can be mixed together. There are two difficulty levels to choose from.