The ambulance service has made significant advances in quality in recent years, especially through the introduction of the Austrian Paramedic Act in 2002. As everyone working in emergency care could experience, the knowledge conveyed in the classroom is clear, understandable and logical; however, in reality it may be the case that this knowledge cannot be implemented, since there is always a need to react to additional multiple factors that influence the team and distract them from their actual work. Psychological stress, complex scenarios, distressed family members and much more distract the ambulance crews and very often prevent the adequate treatment of emergency patients. Simulation trainings have been established in recent years as effective teaching tools to prepare rescue teams for emergency medical care in reality.


The concept of “ride and rescue” pursues this trend. While doing sports, having fun and playing games, teams practice to implement the theoretical know-how in real life. In this competition, ambulance crews compete against each other in specially designed realistic emergency scenarios. The teams get to the individual stations on bicycles; the only equipment necessary is an emergency backpack (additional material will be provided at the stations). Between the emergency scenarios there will be so called “fun stations” where various tasks must be dealt with in a lighthearted or even playful way. Teams of up to four members can participate. There will be two separate classifications: teams with and without doctors.

here are detailed instructions for the competition and you can register at the Registration Tab.